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Member Spotlight

Charles Hallax, 2nd Lieutenant Training

Charles Hallax, a 25 year old member of both the Cranford First Aid Squad, as well as the Cranford Fire Department, has been an active member of CFAS since December of 2013. Charles, who's not only a certified EMT, but also carries Fire 1 and Fire 2 training, initially joined the squad to fulfill a promise he made to the organization's late President, Barbara Ragone. In addition to his certifications, Mr. Hallax is also trained in HAZMAT Awareness and Operations, as well as Confined Space Awareness and Operations. Charles' favorite part about volunteering is being able to help the people of his community at a time when they need it the most. The "thank yous" he's received from patients he's assisted in the past make his volunteerism all the more rewarding. When Charles isn't busy attending CEU refreshers or working with the fire department, you can find him playing pool and bowling with his friends, while he continues to fulfill his promise of volunteerism to the squad.

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