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Charles Hallax, EMS Excellence Award Recepient

Charles Hallax and Kent Lucas at the Overlook EMS Excellence Award Dinner.

Fulfilling a promise made to the late Barbara Ragone, CFAS 40-year member who was like a grandmother to him, Charles Hallax joined the Cranford First Aid Squad in 2013 and received his New Jersey EMT certification 6 months later. Since then, he has ridden regularly once a week and is now the Crew Chief on Tuesday night. He has also served as First Lieutenant and is currently Second Lieutenant Training. He is an AHA CPR instructor and Firefighter Academy graduate.

A lifelong Cranford resident, Charles is one of the most dedicated members of CFAS and has been committed to his volunteerism in our community since his induction into the squad. He is one of our very best EMTs and one of our most reliable and responsible members. Any time a need arises, you can count on Charles to step up and help. As an emerging leader, Charles has continuously volunteered to train new squad members. Charles is always willing to cover open shifts, and continues to assist with the upkeep of our building and the maintenance of our ambulances and communication devices.

Last year, Charles' experience and training was put to the ultimate test when his mother collapsed, unresponsive in the living room. Charles, immediately recognizing that she was pulse-less and not breathing, proceeded to called 911 and begin chest compressions. His mother had suffered a heart attack. Charles' quick actions allowed her to survive long enough for the CPD to arrive with an AED and successfully defibrillate, while ALS was able to get her to the hospital with a pulse. A stent was put in and the blockage relieved. She is doing well today thanks to the quick actions of her son, Charles.

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